Shazam 2019 Dual Audio HD Download

Shazam Movie Story -:

In 1974 Upstate New York, youthful Thaddeus Sivana is contending with his dad and sibling when he is mysteriously transported to the Rock of Eternity, a mystical sanctuary covered up in another measurement. He meets the antiquated wizard Shazam, the remainder of the Council of Seven Wizards. Shazam clarifies that he has invested hundreds of years hunting down another victor who is “unadulterated of heart” after the past boss denounced any and all authority and the Seven Deadly Sins were discharged by him upon the old world. The Sins, presently caught in statues inside the Rock, entice Thaddeus with guarantees of intensity, and for capitulating to them so effectively he is exiled back to Earth as disgraceful to be the hero. After restoring, Thaddeus’ vehicle gets in a disaster area that disables his dad and for which his sibling accuses him. 
IMDb Ratting -: 7.7/10
Shazam 2019 Dual Audio HD Download
Shazam 2019 Dual Audio HD Download

In the present, Philadelphia encourage kid Billy Batson crosses paths with the law while looking for his introduction to the world mother. Billy is set in another gathering grand slam by Victor and Rosa Vazquez, who have five other cultivate kids: Mary Bromfield, Pedro Peña, Eugene Choi, Darla Dudley and Freddy Freeman, his new flat mate who is a novice superhuman master and devotee. In the mean time, a now grown-up Sivana finds a method for returning the Rock of Eternity. Upon landing, Sivana takes the Eye of Sins from the Rock, liberating the Sins and turning into their vessel. He utilizes his new powers to assault the Wizard, and later comes back to Earth to murder his oppressive dad and sibling.

While in school, Billy spares Freddy from menaces and leads them on a pursuit into a tram, where he is brought by Shazam who picks Billy as the following hero. By contacting the staff and saying Shazam’s name, Billy is changed into a grown-up costumed superhuman who takes on the wizard’s name before the wizard swings to tidy, deserting his staff. Shazam returns home and, with Freddy’s assistance, starts to become familiar with the full degree of his newly discovered forces: power control, impenetrable skin, hyper speed, super quality and flight. Freddy posts recordings online of Shazam testing his forces, making him a viral sensation. After Freddy gloats to their colleagues about knowing Shazam, Billy forsakes him and plays hooky to engage fans for cash. In the wake of seeing Shazam spare a transport on the news, Sivana assaults him requesting he surrender his capacity. The untested Shazam is effectively crushed yet changes once more into Billy to escape into the escaping swarm. Sivana sees news inclusion of Freddy and Shazam, deriving Billy’s personality. He catches Freddy, requesting him to uncover where Billy lives. 

Shazam 2019 Dual Audio HD Download
Shazam 2019 Dual Audio HD Download
At the Vazquez home, different kids find Billy’s mystery and furthermore reveal to Billy they discovered his mom, who lives close-by. Billy goes to meet his mom, yet discovers that she purposefully surrendered him, trusting she was unfit to think about him as an adolescent single parent. Sivana then calls Billy from the Vazquez home, so he flies home as Shazam and consents to give Sivana his forces in return for saving his family’s lives. Sivana and Shazam travel to the Rock of Eternity, yet different children pursue and assault Sivana, giving them an opportunity to get away. Shazam understands that when the Sins leave Sivana’s body, he loses his forces. 
Shazam 2019 Dual Audio HD Download
Shazam 2019 Dual Audio HD Download
Sivana pursues Shazam and the children to a winter fair, where Sivana releases the Sins. While Wrath involves Shazam, different Sins catch his family, constraining him to surrender his capacity. As Sivana reviews the Sins, Shazam utilizes that minute to take the staff and stagger Sivana. Shazam recalls the wizard’s words and offers his forces with his encourage kin, changing them into grown-up costumed superheroes with forces equivalent to his own.[N 1] Shazam breaks the staff and as the family keep the Sins occupied, Shazam battles Sivana. Shazam traps out Envy, who had remained housed in Sivana’s body, leaving Sivana frail. Shazam massacres Envy and spares a falling Sivana. He expels the Eye of Sin from Sivana, which seals away the Sins. Shazam and his family are hailed as open saints, and Billy holds onto his non-permanent family as his actual family. The family return the Eye of Sin to the Rock of Eternity, and understand that they can utilize the Rock as their mystery nest. Later on, Billy appears at school as Shazam to eat with his encourage kin, uncovering he had additionally welcomed Superman.

In a mid-credits scene, a detained Sivana is enrolled into an association with the caterpillar-like animal Mister Mind. In a post-credits scene, Freddy tests whether Shazam can converse with fish, refering to Aquaman, just for Shazam to reject the power as dumb.

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